Čelebić company strategically supports sports development in Montenegro

The Čelebić company, general sponsor of Podgorica football club, has contributed to its development in the last three years through its strategic, financial and logistical investment.

Namely, since its founding in 2014, and playing in Third League last year, the club has become a member of the Montenegrin elite.

In addition to investing in professional staff and players, the Čelebić company has helped develop the infrastructure so that today the club has an auxiliary field, a field with artificial turf, and a main field with natural turf, commonly known as DG Arena.

DG Arena currently has a 1,500-seat East Stand while the project has been completed for the West Stand whose construction is underway according to state-of-the-art standards, with a capacity of 2,800 seats. The club has announceed the construction of two additional fields, thus creating a complex with one main and three auxiliary fields, which will be a great basis for the development of football players from their own pool of young talents.