Neurology clinic renovated with an EEG department at the Institute for Child-hood Diseases

During its 27 years of existence, the Čelebić Company has gained many friends and partners. However, we have also become a support and partner to some institutions, ready to assist them whenever needed.

It is precisely this kind of cooperation that we have been developing for decades with the Institute for Childhood Diseases, where the latest of many donations was made for its Neurology Clinic with an EEG department.

This small space has been equipped with custom-made furniture and details that en-able the youngest patients waiting for an examination, as well as their parents, to feel very comfortable.

Our guiding idea was to reduce the stress that children feel while waiting for such an important examination. We have made great efforts to provide an environment that is as comfortable as possible, aware that toys and cheerful colours ease the anxiety that little ones feel before meeting medical staff.

With our hearts overflowing, we continue to keep our ears open for the needs of the youngest, to make their world more colourful and pleasant.