The Čelebić Company is a part of Ogi’s “big plan”

The Čelebić Company provided a donation in the value of €3000,00 and in this manner contributed to equipping the Centre for autism, development disabilities and children psychiatry „Ognjen Rakočević“.

As a reminder, a wonderful boy called Ognjen had united the whole of Montenegro during the search which lasted for weeks after he had disappeared. Although the outcome was unfortunately not positive, Ognjen’s story turned the attention to other children suffering from autism, their treatment and conditions for persons with this disease in Montenegro. In regard to this a first specialized medical institution was opened in Podgorica on March 30th, 2018 which will deal with autism concerning children, development disabilities and children psychiatry.

In this way, all employees of the company, with their full hearts became a part of the bigger and ingenious Ogi’s “big plan”.