City Quarter

This is the Čelebić Company’s highest-status residential and business project and vision of the company that was realised in the 2006–2016 period.

City Quarter is one of the rare residential and business complexes in Podgorica that has been carefully planned, designed and that has actually been built. Today, the City Quarter is recognisable as one of the most attractive residential areas in the capital city, but also as a business area.

We started on this 15 years ago. The City Quarter existed then only as an idea. But at that time it was a fanciful idea that Podgorica could get a modern shopping centre and a residential complex like other orderly European neighbourhoods. The rest is history!

Months of design, preparation and lots of people and enthusiasm were needed to overcome the sentimental obstacle of factories being shut down in that area, and to build a complex that the citizens of Podgorica and Montenegro today love, where they choose to live. Faced with many obstacles, we decided to make the vision stronger — and so it came about.

Twenty buildings were built in the City Quarter. The trust that we have built up with our customers is best illustrated by the fact that, out of the almost 1,250 housing units, only a few remained unsold after construction. Since we came up with the designs for the City Quarter, the apartments were mostly sold during construction. Also in the same zone, in addition to residential buildings, the largest shopping centre in Montenegro – Delta City, a CMC gas station and Super Voli, as well as City Mall with its Business Tower – a new retail and business centre owned by Čelebić Company – were built.

Today we can proudly say that we have created a zone in which very profitable businesses are concentrated, ranging from smaller, family undertakings to more serious, international companies. There are over 90 catering facilities in the City Quarter, where a large number of people gather, mostly residents of this district, but also people from all the neighbourhoods of Podgorica.