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The Čelebić Company has existed on the business map of Montenegro since 1991. The initial family enthusiasm grew into a respectable Montenegrin company that now employs more than 420 workers and is considered one of the most respected companies in this part of Europe.

Although the Čelebić Company is predominantly recognised for its construction projects, there are now 12 affiliated companies within the Čelebić Group that are active in the real estate market (Čelebić Invest, Čelebić rent, AMMA RIZORT, Čelebić, družba za gradnjo in investicije), in trade (City Mall and Bazaar), in energy (C & S Energy), in catering and recreation (Čelebić recreativo), in the hotel industry (Verde complex), in the field of higher education (University of Donja Gorica), in information technologies (IT desk), in insurance (Čelebić loyal), in agriculture (Čelebić agrar).

The strategy and vision of the Čelebić Company’s development has for decades involved educating and maximising the training of individuals and teams for managing sectors and new companies, then linking with regional and European corporations and developing partnership relations (Gorenje, Delta Holding, Nelt, Mtel, the MK Group, Orascom, Erste Bank, CKB Bank, Societe Generale Bank, etc.). Also, the guiding vision for project development is setting new standards in architecture, planning, ecology and energy efficiency.

As a support for the strategic development of the company, we have for several years been implementing a quality policy and quality procedures that are strengthening our system from within through the established standard ISO 9001: 2015.

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Company management

Tomislav Čelebić


Milica Delibašić

Assistant to the President

Biljana Darmanović

Company Secretary

Darko Radunović

Vice President for Financies and Economy

Verica Drobnjak

Vice President for Development of Technical Affairs

Nikola Racković

Vice President for Strategy, Development and Plan

Goran Darmanović

Vice President for Corporative and Legal Affairs

Slavica Jočić

Internal Control

Danijela Šaban

Head of Human Resources/Interpreter

Andrija Radusinović


Dejana Čelebić

Head of Sales

Mensur Murić

Head of Construction Operations

Ivan Miranović

Head of finance

Jovana Dragićević

Manager of the design and process monitoring department

Ilija Bojanić

Rukovodilac službe nabavke

sold apartments
completed projects
years of successful business

The key to success of our company is teamwork. With strategic investments in the knowledge and education of our employees, we have created a system with professional and high-quality personnel who share the company’s vision. Our employees are the foundation of all the completed, current and future projects and investments.

Tomislav Čelebić

Our acknowledgments

Our awards

Čelebić Group is the winner of the “Creators for the Centuries” award

The international economic forum PERSPEKTIVE and the PROMO GLOBAL Zagreb Society awarded Čelebić Group a major award and recognition “CREATORS FOR THE CENTURY” for the development of ideas, innovations and investments in entrepreneurship in the area of Central and Southeastern Europe for the year 2022.

The award ceremony was held in Dubrovnik, from December 6th to 9th, 2023. The owner and president of the Čelebić Group, Mr. Tomislav Čelebić, received the award.

You can watch the video from the event here:


You can read the interview with Mr. Čelebić, published in PERSPEKTIVE magazine, here:

Award for improving management

Tomislav Čelebić, President

The best European manager

Tomislav Čelebić, President

The best European manager

Tomislav Čelebić, Predsjednik