Socially responsible business

Although the Čelebić Company has set the improvement of conditions in education and health as the main goal of its socially useful engagement, its contributions in the fields of culture and sports have been also significant in recent years.

For many years already, its significant donations have improved conditions for patients staying in the Children’s Hospital (in the surgery, neonatology and neurology departments), but also in the nephrology department and the intensive care department of the metabolic unit, as well as in the maternity ward of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro.

The most recent in a series of donations was to equip the first Centre for Autism in Montenegro, which is named after the boy Ognjen Rakočević, whose tragic death symbolically united Montenegro.

Also, significant funds have been invested in the adaptation of Maksim Gorki Primary School, and the P.I. Resource Centre for Children and Young People of Podgorica. The Čelebić Company has been an important sponsor of the Budo Tomović Cultural Centre and the Podgorica City Theatre for years.

In addition to caring for the community, the Čelebić Company has initiated significant financial and material assistance to vulnerable individuals and families through its own initiatives and through the media and the Social Work Centre, and the company built a new house for the 10-member Bojović family.

The Čelebić Company is fully dedicated to the development of Mladost Lješkopolje Football Club from Donja Gorica, as its main patron and general sponsor. Since the company’s owner originates from this Podgorica suburb, Čelebić and his associates set the goal of developing the necessary sports infrastructure, and through sports facilities that have been built successively in the last five years — four professional football fields (two with an artificial surface and two with grass) with accompanying facilities, three tennis courts, multifunctional sports grounds, a high-category hotel with a semi-Olympic-size swimming pool and a sports venue — he has provided European standards for the development of sports in Montenegro.