Čelebić donated €20,000 to the NCB

Today, as our society battles a dangerous novel Coronavirus, with immeasurable consequences for the humankind, and as a socially responsible company, we have supported all the efforts of our institutions, led by the Government of Montenegro and the Institute for Public Health.

With a donation of €20,000 to the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases, we have joined the humanitarian campaign to support our health care system.

Besides this donation, we have made available our voco™ Podgorica hotel to the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Health free of charge to be used as required for implementing quarantine measures.

We would like to point out that the other available establishments of our company are also at the disposal of the relevant institutions, and that we have implemented all the necessary measures for safeguarding the health of our employees, who are the strongest driving force and the most important resource of our company.

All the citizens of Montenegro must adopt responsible behaviour and strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the Government of Montenegro and the Institute for Public Health as the weapons in this difficult fight, which we believe will be successfully won.