Support for development projects

The first daughter company, established in 2002, was set up with the purchase of the Marko Radović furniture factory. The main activity of the company is the development of construction projects, although CMC a.d. also managed operations involving oil and petroleum products at petrol stations in Podgorica and Pljevlja during the last 10 years, and has performed technical inspection services (the petrol stations were sold to the company INA Crna Gora).

From March 2019, company changed its name in Čelebić invest a.d.

Čelebić invest deals with investment activities related to the parent company Čelebić. Investment activities include investment and co-investment in projects of common interest (residential buildings, business offices, hotels, etc.).

Dejana Čelebić

Dejana Čelebić

Executive director

Phone: +382 68 809 122