The core business of the Čelebić Group is civil engineering, i.e., design and construction, and the largest share in the employees structure in the parent company is engineering staff, i.e.,  employees in the technical sector.

The technical sector of the Čelebić company is divided into three parts:

  • Designing office — development of all projects for the company’s needs, from the concept design to the main design for execution of work, as well as the development of projects for selected clients. The turnkey project model of building structures (design and construction), developed according to market demands, has become one of the primary products for investors with whom Čelebić is cooperating.
  • Technical preparation — monitoring all activities of the construction operations through the preparation of bids for contracts with subcontractors; preparation of necessary documentation for the construction site (elaboration of site design, dynamic plans, etc.); participation in tenders (drafting bids, etc.).
  • Construction operations — realisation of projects through construction. Plants for producing of concrete, metalwork, carpenter’s group with a team of carpenters, hydro group with a plumber team and construction workers are an integral part of the construction operations.

The building construction occupies the most important place of the core business of Čelebić Group. In the Company’s Designing Office, projects are being conceived and developed, the realisation of which is monitored by a professional team of engineers until their completion, which is a guarantee of quality, functionality and safety.

In addition to business and residential facilities, the company also deals with the construction of industrial halls and other facilities of various sizes and purposes, respecting the requirements and needs of investors in all aspects. In addition to design and construction, part of the Company’s activities are focused on the reconstruction, adaptation, upgrading of existing facilities in building construction, as well as on craft works and interior adaptation.

In addition to building construction, a significant place in the company’s work is occupied by civil engineering. In this respect, the company’s activities are focused on the construction and reconstruction of local roads and urban roads, infrastructure and landscaping.

Andrija Radusinović

Andrija Radusinović

Executive director

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