More than just a home

What does a word home mean to you?

A place like a homeland becoming green in the spring time? Or an environment safe and tame enough to raise your children? Long walks in the area which is your shelter, a neigbourhood you love and cherish?

Home is a place where you can hear and feel the nature, where you sip your coffee bathed with the morning sunlight and evening sunset, while watching the city in front of you rushing into the daily activities and setting down tired in the night.

When was the last time you enjoyed the silence undisturbed by the traffic? On your holiday or a mountain?

Have you ever yearned for a property which is more than just a residential unit, which is your home, your final destination in the Capital, with neat, clean and green courtyard and parking?

Slow down. Stop. Take a breath. Feel the nature. Listen to the river and nature whispering to you. Breathe clean air. Enjoy strolls with your beloved. Run with your children. Find your quiet place in Verde Village.

Our vision for design and construction was inspired by the natural environment of Donja Gorica, Mihinje hill and the river Sitnica while listening to the needs of our citizens and clients in past years. The Capital and its surroundings abound with the hills and rivers, but somehow they remain neglected due to the bustling lifestyle. We thought it was high time to create a new lifestyle in Podgorica.

Verde Village concept offers a new family home in the nature.

Close to the future luxury village, there is Celebic area recognized by voco™ Podgorica hotel with sports and recreational amenities, educational capacities: University of Donja Gorica, QSI American school, Verde Campus modern dormitory, elementary school „Vlado Milić“, modern supermarket and the business area.

An outstanding location is close to the junction of two highways (Adriatic-Ionian regional road and Bar-Boljare Highway) and connection to northern and southern parts of Montenegro by boulevards (Donja Gorica and Southwest bypass).

The vision of the future village is upgraded with one-stop-shop concept. Beside natural environment we build an exclusive village, a unique peaceful oasis with greenery and recreational amenities. Imagine your life within a complex, spending your time in strolls by the river, having fun on the playgrounds, playing on the sports fields or meeting people inside Verde Village.

It’s time for new standards of life and it’s your decision.