First Spanish olive trees planted on Montenegrin soil

Čelebić Agrar, a company operating under the Čelebić group and dealing with the implementation of projects in the area of agriculture, in November 2018, in Vranovići (Kotor municipality), began work on the preparation of terrain for planting olive trees.

A year later, an area of 90 hectares of inaccessible terrain was cleared and prepared for olive planting. In addition to clearing the terrain, hydrogeological surveys were conducted at the site and water was found, which made it possible to build the wells. Subsequently, the construction of water reservoirs ensured the implementation of the system for irrigation and fertilization of olives.

The construction of transport infrastructure and the fence around the site, have created adequate conditions for the first planting which is planned for the end of November 2019. 13,000 olive tree seedlings will be planted. The seedlings will be imported from Spain, which is a major step forward for the Montenegrin market. Spanish varieties such as Picual, Carlesca, Arbequina and Sevillan Manzanilla will be planted on Montenegrin soil for the first time ever.

In 2020, the plan is to plant the remaining 24,000 olive tree seedlings as well as to build auxiliary facilities in support of the olive groves and production of high quality olive oil.