City Kvart – new building on offer

Our real estate buyers are particularly interested in residential units located in the City Kvart neighbourhood, and we are offering a five-floor building with 65 apartments and familiar business space at the ground level. The building is located in the first block, just behind the Forest restaurant, and we offer all types of residential units, from studios to three-bedroom apartments:

o studios: 32.28m²

o one-bedroom apartments: 47.62 m², 48.87 m², 50.34 m², 48.54 m², 54.15 m²

o two-bedroom apartments: 60.70 m²

o three-bedroom apartments: 111 m²

The tentative date for the finalisation of construction is the end of 2020.

For any additional information, please contact the sales sector by telephone:

+382 20 44 44 82

+382 20 44 44 10